Benefits upto $60,000

The Liminal x Buidlers Tribe Accelerator Program is aimed to help Web3 projects build their wallet operations in the most secure, efficient, and compliant way with our plug-and-play architecture. This accelerator program provides host of benefits to projects, helping them build their Web3 projects in the most seamless manner. 

Manan Vora

Senior Vice President - Strategy and Business Operations

Raghu Mohan

Co-Founder, Buidlers Tribe

We take pride in helping organisations to make their digital assets secure & compliant, without compromising the control or ownership of private keys. Our goal is to make Digital Custody simplified. Working in this direction, we are excited to join hands with Buidlers Tribe to help reach large no of web3 startups and build the future of Web3.
We're thrilled to collaborate with Liminal to empower the next wave of Web3 builders and entrepreneurs. At BuidlersTribe, we aim to foster synergies that reward builders who show up on a week-on-week basis and log proof of progress. With this initiative, we seek to encourage perseverant entrepreneurs to showcase their weekly updates and benefit from Liminal's large suite of service offerings.